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Download ldap-preg_replace - a tool to modify ldap attribute values online using a regular expression

Member of yet another ldap-toolbox that will make your life with directory servers much easier:
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Whats that?

It is a small tool written in perl that allows you to easily modifiy LDAP attribute values based on a regular expression (RegEx). Sometimes an administrator needs to modify many entries at once that fit some common criteria, for example remove every special character from the telephoneNumber attribute. This is the ideal chance to save time by using!

Regular expressions are patterns describing text systematics. For example, the pattern "/Number: \d/" matches each string, that has the fixed string "Number: " followed by a digit.
Regular expressions (RegEx) are a simple but very powerful method to describe text. This allows for maximum flexibility to describe what exactly you want to replace.

LDAP is a protocol used to communicate with directory servers such as OpenLDAP. Directory servers are database servers that store the data hierarchical instead of a tabular representation. This makes them the ideal choice for central user management, but also many other demands.

What can it do?

It can do:

How does it work?

It is very simple since it runs from command line. Just download it and call it without parameters. This will give you all options that can be set. Calling it with the "-h" parameter even gives some more advice.
Additionally, you can find a more detailed documentation in the release package.

Where can i download

You can download the latest development version from svn:
svn co ldap-re-replace

Or just download the latest file release from the project page at sourceforge!